b. 1976 Lansing, Michigan. Lives and works in Singapore.

My paintings reflect my observation of how movement is achieved within confined spaces. As a former modern dancer, having suffered from several injuries, I dealt physically and emotionally with the inability to move expansively. This obstacle has led me to ask, how does one express the desire to move without moving? How does one move large within small spaces? My art can be understood as an attempt to paint movement or, perhaps, move with the paint. There is dance in the content of my paintings and dance in the execution of them. I rely on the viewer’s kinesthetic reaction as well as their visual one, for the way in which I paint is part of the content of the painting.

My current body of works, titled ‘All the King’s Horses’, is a painted collection of short stories spanning the last five years since I arrived in Singapore from New York City. They are reflections on my life as a cast of characters; daughter, dancer, lover, mother. My interpretation of these characters and their stories have become more literal, more figurative and less pure abstraction as I’m finding clarity in using familiar images, and thus really including the viewer in my journey.

My process relies heavily on my partnership with the painting itself. Although the work is autobiographical and therefore quite an autonomous journey, it is like a dance. I dance with the canvas, leading it, then letting it lead me. Breaking it down, then building it back up. This process creates many layers which in turn pull the viewer into the painting for their own little dance as different symbols and characters emerge from it, created by the viewer themselves.

The title, taken from the famous lullaby, follows Humpty Dumpty, falling down, falling to pieces, unable to get up, as I did in a literal sense from my dance injuries and as I experienced figuratively as I navigated a new country, culture, motherhood and the person which I was becoming. Humpty gets up, falls again and so on, and so on…lesson learning, finding beauty in the unbeautiful, order in the disarray, true grit, changing course and moving through life…